Company Profile

Our Mission:

To deliver superlative-quality products and services in a timely, efficient manner – all while adhering to international standards of excellence.

Our Vision:

To become the supplier of choice for ready mix concrete products.

Innovation and Experience:

To grow, develop, and prosper requires ensuring a solid foundation. Inspired by the rapidly growing need for advanced concrete solutions, Nuqul Concrete (part of Nuqul Group) was founded in 1971 on the principles of delivering comprehensive, high-quality products and services.

Nuqul Concrete began with a modest fleet of concrete pumps and transit mixers, growing and evolving over the years into a large-scale operation with abundant resources and cutting-edge technology and equipment. Through its unique, forward-thinking vision, Nuqul Concrete has become one of the most trusted companies in the business.

Nuqul Concrete is able to ensure timely delivery to all of its valued customers throughout Jordan by having manufacturing branches strategically located, and with the ability to mobilize to any new location or project site within two weeks’ time.

Quality Control:

At Nuqul Concrete, we know that quality happens at all stages of the process. Our highly advanced quality control system examines and analyzes all aspects of the concrete manufacturing process, from raw materials and additives to production and product site implementation. Our experienced engineers and technical consultants work in fully equipped laboratories to conduct thorough sampling and random testing on a regular basis.


Nuqul Concrete has the capacity and logistical capabilities necessary to serve multiple projects simultaneously. By adhering to carefully assigned dispatch and distribution schedules, we make sure that delivery is done in an efficient and timely manner, so that your projects can proceed according to schedule.

Material Sourcing:

Ensuring the highest quality concrete requires paying careful attention to the quality and sourcing of raw materials. At Nuqul Concrete, our sand and aggregates are extracted from the best quarries, while our admixtures are sourced from the world’s most renowned companies. We also aim to promote local materials, while applying international standards and specifications in order to deliver world-class finished products.

Third-party Labs:

At Nuqul Concrete, we know that excellence means knowing who to trust and turn to on the path to greatness. We are always keen to partner with the most highly reputed local laboratories in order to ensure the quality of our products.

Where We Are:

Our primary branches are strategically located in Marka, Bayader Wadi As-Seer, and Muqabalein. Each of these branches can readily serve project sites within a 60-kilometer radius or greater. For projects outside these areas, we have the ability to mobilize and set up on-site batch plants anywhere in Jordan.

Our Team:

Nuqul Concrete boasts a team of the Kingdom’s most exceptional engineers, managers, supervisors, technicians and operators, all of whom are highly knowledgeable about their areas of expertise. Furthermore, our team works hard to cooperate and exchange ideas and information, thus guaranteeing that each employee has a well-rounded knowledge of the industry.